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The House of Representatives, on the 17.8.2020 has voted to change the Civil Registry Law. These changes, a summary of which are described below, will affect the persons naturalized under the Cyprus Investment Programme. An independent examination committee for the deprivation of citizenship has been established; The law has been amended so as to also...
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The Council of Ministers, during its assembly on the 31.7.2020 has made changes to the current Cyprus Investment Programme, affecting applicants as per the 17-18.8.2020.  In broad the new terms are as follows: All applicants must, during the 5 years, for which they are obligated to keep their investment and residence, provide the Ministry of...
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A new commission has been established, comprising of delegates from Invest Cyprus, The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Education and Culture and the Cyprus Tourism Organization. This so-called Cyprus Film Commission examines proposals by producers for aid based on the economic and cultural benefits for the Republic of Cyprus. Several incentives have been introduced, encouraging...
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In light of the United Kingdom exiting the European Union on the 29th March 2019, the Civil Registration and Migration Department has published announcements for British nationals and their family members urging them to convert/acquire (their) residence status within the Republic of Cyprus. British nationals who have been granted an Immigration Permit according to the...
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The Schengen Agreement was adopted in order to, amongst others, enhance the free movement of persons. Citizens can cross internal borders of the Schengen Area without being subject to checks. Below you my find a few facts in respect of the Schengen Area and Cyprus: Cyprus is not a part of the Schengen Area and...
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When renting out your property, with or without furniture, a risk is taken that upon termination of such tenancy the property and/or the fixtures/fittings/furniture are not returned with only the normal “wear and tear” deterioration. However, how do you “prove” that the property and/or the furniture was in a much better state before the tenancy...
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On the 3rd of September 2015 the House of Representatives passed the Immovable Property (Transfer and Mortgage Law 9/1965, as amended (139(I)/2015). Simultaneously the Immovable Property (Transfer and Mortgage) (Protection of Buyers) Regulations (Regulatory Administrative Act KPD 298/2015) of 2015 were adopted. This new law assists purchasers, who have fulfilled their obligations under the contract...
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As previously announced by the Committee of Supervision and Control, a registry of service providers has been established indicating all natural and legal persons authorized to provide services in respect of the Cyprus Investment Scheme.
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For those who are seeking residence within the European Union, the Greek Golden Visa seems to be a good option. The straightforward investment paired with the fast process, resulting in visa-free travel to other Schengen countries, makes this program appealing. More importantly, it is cost efficient. Procedure: Purchase of property(ies) in Greece for a minimum...
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The Scheme In respect of the Cyprus Investment Scheme (CIS) an option to invest a maximum of EUR 500,000 in special Cyprus government bonds is given. Bear in mind that these bonds can only be purchased by natural persons as per the terms of the bonds. The Framework The special Cyprus government bonds are issued...
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